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Welcome to Boaldin Eye Care
Your Optometrist in Oklahoma City, OK.

Call us at 405-767-2020 today.

Welcome to Boaldin Eye Care, where our optometrists specialize in contact lens fittings, eyeglass frames, contact lenses, and other eye care services. Our experience with eye care services and focus on providing quality optometrist services to individuals and families drives our approach to patient care. We are especially happy to provide superior service to individuals who desire contact lenses. Today, we invite you to learn more about our eye doctors and our service menu. Read on to learn more about whom we are and the services we offer in Oklahoma City.

Our Eye Care Services in Oklahoma City

We aim to be your full service eye care provider in Oklahoma City, with a comprehensive approach to eye care at every stage of life!

Services we offer include: 

Contact lens fitting - We believe that contact lenses are an ideal alternative for many individuals. They improve vision, can replace glasses in many cases, and work well for athletes who do not want to wear special glasses. We are experienced at fitting contact lenses and can even work with "hard to fit" cases. 

Complete eye exams - An eye exam makes sure that your eyes are in good health and your vision correction needs are fully met. Let our trained Oklahoma optometrists provide an annual eye exam to catch any disease early on, help you see clearly and comfortably, and provide the highest level of service. 

Glasses - At Boaldin Eye Care, we are your first choice stop for new glasses or sunglasses frames in Oklahoma City. We stock a wide range of all the latest styles and trends from top designers so you can find your favorite pair. Our staff would be happy to help you select a pair of glasses frames that works for your prescription and complements your face shape. 

Glaucoma testing - Early detection is critical for treating glaucoma. Let us dilate your eyes and check eye fluid pressure, an indicator of glaucoma. If we deem that it is necessary, we can refer you for other surgeries and medical treatments that will help. 

Pre-operative eye care - When you are facing eye surgery, get pre-operative care from the doctors you trust. We can provide pre-operative screenings, advice, and medical care to make your eye surgery easier. 

Post-operative eye care - Receive post-operative eye care from our optometrists, whom you know and trust. We are able to work with your eye surgeon to provide the right level of care for your recovery. 

Eye surgery referral - We do not perform eye surgery at Boaldin Eye Care, but we do have relationships with Oklahoma City eye surgeons. If we think you could benefit from an eye surgery, we would be happy to provide a referral to a qualified surgeon nearby. 

We would be happy to help you with any eye care needs. To schedule an eye care appointment, or get answers to questions about our services, we invite you to call us at 405-767-2020! 

At Boaldin Eye Care, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment. 

Dr. Chris Boaldin
Oklahoma City Optometrist | Boaldin Eye Care | 405-767-2020

1901 NW Expressway #2058
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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Great place! Great staff! The appointment process was easy with hours to accommodate all schedules! Thank you!

Sasha Driscoll
Oklahoma City, OK

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