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Contact Lens Fitting in Oklahoma City 

Are you considering getting contact lenses? You will first need to get a contact lens fitting. Everyone has different sizes and shapes of eyes, so contact lenses are not a one size fits all thing. To get the proper fit and maximum comfort for the best vision correction, you must start with a fitting.

Young female trying on contacts at Boaldn Eye Care in Oklahoma CityOnce you have contact lenses, you will need to get a fitting again every few years to make sure your eyes have not changed in size or shape, and to get new lenses if there have been any changes. Wearing contact lenses can be a wonderful thing. You get clear vision all around, including peripheral vision, which you do not get with glasses. It is just like having naturally clear vision, as long as you have the proper fit of lens, and care for your lenses correctly, without exception.

What to Expect at Our Oklahoma City Optometrist

Measurements will be taken of the width, height, and curve of your eye. These are all necessary things to know to make sure you are getting the proper fit on your lenses. These measuring tests are non-invasive and painless. You will look into certain instruments that will measure the appropriate areas of your eyes automatically. You will look into a few different instruments, and the eye doctor or his or her assistant will make adjustments to them as necessary until an accurate measurement of the dimensions of your eyes for contact lenses is arrived upon and recorded.

You may have eyes of two different sizes, or they may both be the same size. If you are luck enough to have two eyes of the same size, you won't have to order extra boxes of contact lenses for your differently sized eye, which can save you some money. Many people do have to order two different sizes of contact lenses at the same time though. If you are one of these people, be sure to keep the lenses straight. Always know which side of the contact lens case you put the lenses for each eye to clean them, and don't change it. This way, you will be sure to always put the right size contact lens on the correct eye. If you aren't wearing the right size on the correct eye, you will probably know it, as incorrectly fitting lenses can give your eye a scratching or even painful feeling, and your vision may not be totally clear through the lens.

Contact Our Oklahoma City Optometrist Today

There are other aspects to getting contact lenses, such as determining your exact eye condition, evaluating your overall health, and using this information to decide which type of lenses are best for you, or if you are a good candidate for lenses at all. Most people can wear lenses, but an eye doctor needs to evaluate you to make sure. To schedule your contact lens fitting, which is the first step in getting contact lenses for anyone, contact Boaldin Eye Care in Oklahoma City, OK.

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