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Understanding LASIK: Laser Eye Surgery for Refractive Disorders

woman about to get lasik eye surgery in Oklahoma City, OK

Traditional eyeglasses and contacts are still a popular and highly effective means of correcting refractive disorders, abnormalities in the shape of the eye that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. But many people would rather go through life without any kind of corrective lenses. A form of laser eye surgery called LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) can let them do just that -- and our Oklahoma city team at Boaldin Eye Care can provide the necessary referrals, pre-operative and post-operative care for these procedures.

LASIK surgery involves the creation of a flap in the cornea, the spherical front area of the eye. A special laser removes a small, precise amount of corneal tissue, essentially reshaping it so it will refract incoming light more accurately (such as a flatter shape to correct nearsightedness, or a steeper shape to correct farsightedness). No stitches are required, with entire procedure done under local anesthesia.

Pro-operative and Post-Operative Care at Our Oklahoma City Eye Clinic

While Dr. Boaldin does not actually perform LASIK surgery here at Boaldin Eye Care, our Oklahoma City clinic can nevertheless play several important roles in helping you through the entire treatment journey. For one thing, we can evaluate your eyes and your state of health beforehand to determine whether you're a good candidate for this form of laser eye surgery. If you have an unstable vision prescription, thin corneas, dry eye syndrome or a diagnosed eye disease, you'd be better off correcting your vision through non-surgical means -- in which case we will be happy to fit you with comfortable, high-quality eyeglasses or contacts. LASIK is also unsuitable for individuals who are nursing, pregnant, or suffering from uncontrolled systemic illnesses such as diabetes.

If you meet all the qualifications for LASIK surgery, we will refer you to an excellent local surgeon for the procedure. Even if you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, you may still be able to have an alternate form of laser eye surgery such as PRK. PRK also reshapes the corneas, but without creating a flap, thus making it a better choice for people with thin corneas. We can present with all your options and help you make the best overall choice for your needs.

While you may see more clearly almost immediately after your laser eye surgery, you still need to undergo follow-up examinations to monitor the healing process and answer any questions that come up. Dr. Boaldin will want to see you the day after your surgery and then schedule periodic examinations for six more months, concluding with a 1-year follow-up evaluation. If any complications or concerns develop, these routine exams will allow us to catch them and address them in a timely manner.

Contact Boaldin Eye Care today to schedule an eye exam and talk to our eye doctor about LASIK laser eye surgery. You just might be able to enjoy many years of clear vision without corrective lenses!

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