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Eye Care with Astigmatism

woman getting an exam for astigmatism in Oklahoma City, OK

When a doctor diagnosis astigmatism in one or both of your eyes, you want to ensure that you take measures to treat the situation appropriately. By understanding the situation and seeking treatment in Oklahoma City that assists with your goals, you can protect your vision.

What is Astigmatism?

An astigmatism refers to a type of imperfection in your eyes. Essentially, the cornea has a problem that prevents it from reflecting light appropriately into your eyes or with the clarity of the lens of your eyes.

When you have an imperfection in the shape or clarity of the cornea, it causes complications with your vision. An odd curve to the cornea means that your eyes do not reflect light effectively, which results in changes to your vision. Alternatively, the condition occurs when the lens of your eye is not clear. Clouding or lack of clarity in the lens means that your ability to see certain forms of light or reflections will not maintain an optimal level for good vision.

Problems with the cornea result in nearsightedness or farsightedness, depending on the specific shape and problem. In some cases, the problem is not immediately visible. Since you can overlook signs of the problem, you want to seek treatment from a professional at Boaldin Eye Care to check for potential concerns on a regular basis.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for the situation in Oklahoma City depend on the severity of the curvature and personal preferences. Generally, individuals correct vision concerns with glasses or contact lenses. In most cases, corrective lenses ensure that you can see objects at different distances.

In certain situations, surgical procedures help. A surgical procedure is usually as last resort, since it has potential risks. Usually, surgical procedures are not necessary to correct the problem since individuals correct their vision with glasses or contacts; however, it is an option that can help when individuals have concerns or feel that astigmatism is worsening over time. The situation can occur at any age and in one or both eyes.

Maintaining Your Vision

The key to maintaining your vision and keeping your eyes healthy is preventative care and regular exams. During an exam, a doctor at Boaldin Eye Care evaluates the health of your eyes and checks for potential complications. Even if you do not have any obvious symptoms and your vision remains clear, a regular exam helps catch changes to the shape of your eyes or the clarity of the lens so that you get appropriate glasses or contacts early. By treating the changes to your vision over time, you maintain the health of your eyes and improve your ability to see at different distances.

Healthy eyes start with identifying problems and taking measures to protect your vision. In certain situations, glasses or contacts are an appropriate solution to correct your vision and protect your eyes. To learn more about treatment options or potential concerns with the health of your eyes, contact us for an appointment today. 405-767-2020

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