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Dry Eye Symptoms, Causes and Concerns

Are your eyes constantly plagued with redness, soreness, itching and blurry vision? If so, you may be displaying the telltale signs of dry eye syndrome. Chronically dry eyes not only make you feel uncomfortable and look bloodshot, but they can also interfere with your ability to see clearly -- and in the long run, they can even contribute to significant, irreversible eye damage. That's why obtaining relief for your dry eyes is a medical necessity -- and why we offer such relief here at Boaldin Eye Care.

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You probably know that eye moisture is produced by your tear glands. What you may not realize is that the tear film that coats the surface of the eye is not one layer of fluid but three. Tear film is a complex substance that includes an inner mucous layer and outer lipid (oil) layer sandwiching a layer of water. This delicate balance must be maintained in sufficient quantities to keep the eye moist, lubricated and protected against germs.

Unfortunately, a wide range of health and environmental issues can alter your tear film composition or cause reduced tear production. Medical reasons may include autoimmune diseases, paralysis of the eyelid muscles (which prevents the eye from closing completely), thyroid problems, tear gland injury and age-related reduction in tear gland function. Some medications are also known to cause or worsen dryness. Other causes of dry eyes are occupational or environmental in nature. If you sleep under an active ceiling fan, for instance, your eyes may be more prone to overnight dryness. The modern-day practice of spending most of the day staring at smartphone or computer screens can cause the eye to blink much less frequently than normal. Since blinking is what triggers tear production, this could easily be the cause of your dry eyes.

Our Oklahoma City Optometrist Is a Sight for Sore (and Dry) Eyes

Dry eyes need to be treated, not tolerated. In addition to redness, soreness, itching, blurriness and "foreign body" sensations in the eye, insufficient tear protection can leave the eye's surface open to damage and/or infection. Repeated exposure to grit and disease threats can scar your corneas, possibly causing permanent vision problems. To prevent such complications, bring your dry eyes to our Oklahoma City optometrist, Dr. Chris Boaldin.

Treatment for dry eyes depends on the underlying causes and contributing factors. Our optometrist will ask you about any medications you're currently taking or any known medical conditions that might be involved. In some cases, simply dealing with these issues can resolve the dryness. If we find that your tear glands aren't producing the right tear balance or quantity, we may prescribe artificial tears or other eye drops that you can use throughout the day as needed. We may also recommend changes in your work schedule or environment that can help keep your eyes from drying out. Call Boaldin Eye Care at 405-767-2020 for an appointment!

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