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Far Sighted? Boaldin Eye Care Can Help!

If you can see distant objects just fine but you've always struggled to bring close-up images into focus, you may be one of the many people worldwide who suffer from a refractive disorder known as hyperopia, or farsightedness. This congenital vision challenge is due to a foreshortening of the eyeball that interferes with the eye's ability to refract light correctly. While no one enjoys having less than perfect or "20/20" vision, the good news is that you can compensate for this problem in a number of ways. Our optometrist here at Boaldin Eye Care, Dr. Chris Boaldin, can evaluate your vision and provide the necessary correction to help you see clearly at all distances.

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As the term suggests, far sighted people have the opposite problem of those who suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness -- but both conditions are caused by an irregularity in the shape of the eye. When light passes through the eye's cornea and lens, it is refracted so that it comes to a focused point right at the rear interior surface of the eye (the retina). The eye can then send the focused image through the optic nerve to the brain, which can then make sense of it as a picture. In far sighted people, the eyeball isn't ideally spherical; instead, it's a little too short from front to back. This means that the normal refractive process causes the image to come into focus at some imaginary point beyond the eye. This doesn't affect your long-distance vision, it but makes your near vision blurry. As a result, far sighted individuals may have trouble reading, performing delicate manual work or using a laptop without eye strain, fatigue and headaches.

Hyperopia can change over time because the eye itself undergoes changes with age. In small children, it can even go backwards -- the eye may start out foreshortened at birth and then grow into a more normal shape later. More commonly, however, the condition remains stable or grows progressively more severe. It's especially critical to correct hyperopia in school-age children so they don't have unnecessary trouble studying textbooks or filling out exam papers.

Hyperopia Care from Our Oklahoma City Optometrist

Our Oklahoma City optometrist can help you and your loved ones see the world around you with crystal clarity even in the face of hyperopia. Dr. Boaldin administers visual acuity tests alongside eye health and function exams, having you read from a traditional eye chart to determine how clearly your distance vision registers. If you're having trouble with your near vision, we'll have you continue reading the chart through a phoropter while we dial in adjustments to the lenses until we have your ideal vision correction prescription.

Hyperopia can be corrected relatively easily with eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. We can even refer you to a specialist for vision correction surgery if you prefer, providing pre-operative and post-operative care. Call 405-767-2020 to schedule an appointment!

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