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Myopia Causes, Symptoms and Solutions at Boaldin Eye Care

Optometrist testing myopia, Oklahoma City Optometrist

Myopia, better known to the general public as nearsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems -- which don’t make it any less annoying or less of an obstacle to your quality of life. If you can see far-off objects just fine but struggle to make out book text or the fine print on medicine labels, you most likely suffer from this refractive disorder. The good news is that modern optometry gives you more different ways of conquering this obstacle than ever before -- and we're proud to present those options to you here at Boaldin Eye Care in Oklahoma City.

Myopia belongs to a category of vision disorders known as refractive errors. The eye must refract light with the utmost precision so that images will land on the retina as accurately as possible for processing by the brain. If the normally-spherical shape of the eyeball is slightly off, so is the degree of refraction. In a person with hyperopia (farsightedness), the eyeball is too short from front to back, resulting in fuzzy distant images but clear near vision. People with myopia have the opposite problem -- the eye is too long from front to back. This causes the image to come together in front of the retina instead of directly on it, producing clear distant images but blurry close-up images. Up to one-quarter of all Americans are nearsighted, so you're in good company!

Treatment for Nearsightedness from Your Oklahoma City Optometrist

Myopia usually becomes obvious from around the age of eight, a time when school-age children exhibit problems viewing their homework or the classroom chalkboard. These obstacles not only encourage eye strain and headaches, but they can also have a major impact on your child's academic success -- which is one of the reasons our Oklahoma City optometrist urges parents to schedule regular vision exams for their kids as well as for themselves. Once you reach middle age, your nearsightedness may be complicated by a stiffening of the lens called presbyopia, which makes it harder to switch your focus from one visual field to another.

Boaldin Eye Care can address your myopia in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Eyeglasses - Single-vision eyeglasses are a simple, affordable compensation for nearsightedness. If you have presbyopia, we can fit you with multifocal lenses, including "no line" or "progressive" lenses.
  • Contact lenses - Contacts do a great job of handling nearsightedness and other refractive disorders -- and yes, today's contacts can correct for presbyopia too.
  • Ortho-K - Orthokeratology gently alters your corneas overnight, giving you clear daytime vision for days at a time. This method works best for mild to moderate myopia.
  • LASIK - If you desire LASIK surgery for lens-free myopia correction, we can prepare the prescription for your surgery and then administer post-operative exams to monitor your corrected vision.

Call 405-767-2020 for myopia testing and treatment. We can help Oklahoma City residents see more clearly!

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